Sport Nova Scotia Milk Sport Fair

NSADA was pleased to participate in the 2019 Sport Nova Scotia Milk Sport Fair. This fair was held at the BMO Centre in Halifax, October 9-11.

Over 500 elementary and junior high schoolers learned about the sport of diving at the booth.

Thank you to two of our athlete ambassadors, Audrey and Cole, for assisting NSADA in the promotion of the sport.

If your child attended the sport fair and wants to try a diving class with the provincial coach, please email [email protected]

Athlete ambassadors, Cole and Audrey, pose at the Diving Nova Scotia booth, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Amateur Diving Association.
Audrey chats with a potential diver, while NSADA board member Amie supervises the physical activity at the booth.
Audrey instructing an elementary aged school child.
Some children were really interested so Audrey showed them a few dry land exercises.
Audrey talks to these kids about the importance of a nice, tight tuck position.
Audrey instructing the T-I-O to a group of potential divers.